LockState LS-35EPL Large Hotel/Laptop Safe


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The LockState LS-35EPL is the perfect safe for hotels, students and laptop users. This strong steel safe has one master code and one EASY-CHANGE user code. The electronic motorized lock allows the user to simply punch in the access code and watch as the door opens automatically. This is the ideal safe for quick access and secure protection.

* Great for hotels, students, home or office * Large enough for most laptops * Electronic motorized lock * Bolting/Mounting: 4 floor & 4 wall mount holes * 2 Emergency Override Keys (not needed to open safe) * Lock Type:Electronic Motorized lock with LCD display * User Codes:1 master code and 1 user code 3 to 8 digits * Power Supply:4 AA batteries inserted on inside of safe * Override Key:Two override keys included * Tamper Proofing:5 minute hold after 4 incorrect tries * Changing Combination:Reset codes with keypad * Warranty:1 year

* External Dimension (inches):7.87H X 16.93W X 13.78D * Internal Dimension (inches):7.48H X 16.54W X 11.81D * Wall Thickness:2 mm * Door Thickness:2 inches * Weight (lbs):30 lbs * Locking Bolts:2 bolts 5/8″ width

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 19.75 × 11.5 × 18 in