LockState LS-52EN Wall Safe


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The LockState LS-52EN is the perfect hidden wall safe. This safe is easily veiled behind mirrors, pictures, or furniture. The inset door and knob allow it to sit flush against the wall, providing complete concealment. The LS-52EN retrofits easily between standard 16″ studs and its spacious interior provides enough room for your valuables.

* Keep valuables hidden and secure * Easily retrofits in any standard wall * Secure in closets or behind paintings * Electronic thumb throw lock * 2 Emergency Override Keys (not needed to open safe) * Easy to install * Lock Type: Electronic lock with thumb throw latch * User Codes: 1 master code 3 to 8 digits * Power Supply: 4 AA batteries inserted on inside of safe * Override Key: Two override keys included * Tamper Proofing: 5 minute hold after 4 incorrect tries * Changing Combination: Reset code by pressing internal button * Bolting/Mounting:Wall Mount: 2 pre-drilled holes on each side * Color: White * Warranty: 1 year

* External Dimension (inches):20.67H X 13.78W X 3.74D * Internal Dimension (inches):20.28H X 13.39W X 3.35D * Wall Thickness:2 mm * Door Thickness:2 inches * Weight (lbs):37 lbs * Locking Bolts:2 bolts 5/8″ width

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Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 17.5 × 25 × 7 in