LockState LS-P100 WiFi Multi-Outlet Power Strip


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With the LockState Connect Wi-Fi Multi-Outlet Power Strip, you’re able to monitor and control up to 4 outlets from anywhere in the world. Turn the strip on or off, set a schedule for the strip to be on while you’re away, or simply see how much power is being consumed by the strip. Save money on your energy bills by always knowing how much power is being consumed and having the ability to turn the strip off when ever you need to, from any smart phone, laptop, or desktop computer. The strip comes with 6 outlets, 4 that can be controlled via Wi-Fi and 2 that are always on. The strip also features a manual on/off button for quick and easy power on/off. The strip is also a surge protector which gives you the peace of mind knowing that if a power surge were to happen, any valuable electronics that are plugged in will be protected.

* Turn power on and off remotely from your computer, laptop, or smart phone * Set schedules to have the strip stay on or off between specific times of the day * Monitor power use and save on your energy bill * 6 outlets in all, 4 that can be controlled remotely and 2 that are always on * Manual on/off button for quick and easy power on/off * Also acts as a surge protector * Requires $0.99 monthly service fee

* Number of outlets – 6 * Always “On” outlets – 2 * Energy Saver outlets – 4 * Power Meter – Meet IEC62053-21 class 1 * Electrical Rating – 15A/120VAC/60Hz/1800W * Overload Protection – Yes, breaker * AC Plug Style – 180 Degree * Cord Length – 6 feet * Maximum Handling Current – 15A * Max Spike Current (Amp) – 36,000 * Max Spike Voltage (V) – 6KV

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